Hendrik Nollens, marine mammal expert who worked with Navy and SeaWorld, joins PMMC

Dr. Hendrik Nollens still bears in mind remaining on a Zodiak in the Pacific Sea off New Zealand paying attention for clicking audios sperm whales use to gauge their proximity to the surface when rising from the ocean midsts.

” The research study discovered that the audio is associated to the size of the whale’s head,” he stated. “When you hear the sound, you can extrapolate the dimension of the whale.”

  • Dr. Hendrik Nollens, biologist at the Pacific Marine Mammal Facility Thursday, May 14, 2020 in Laguna Beach.
    ( Image by Michael Fernandez, Contributing Digital Photographer).

  • Dr. Hendrik Nollens, biologist at the Pacific Marine Mammal Facility Thursday, May 14, 2020 in Laguna Beach.
    ( Photo by Michael Fernandez, Contributing Digital Photographer).

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  • Dr. Hendrik Nollens, biologist at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center Thursday, May 14, 2020 in Laguna Coastline.
    ( Picture by Michael Fernandez, Adding Digital Photographer).

  • Dr. Hendrik Nollens, biologist at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center Thursday, May 14, 2020 in Laguna Beach.
    ( Picture by Michael Fernandez, Adding Professional Photographer).



That was 2001, and Nollens was a master’s degree veterinary pupil studying aquatic creatures among a team of biologists at the University of Otago.

” Those 3 years in New Zealand, I got my hunger and interest in broader science,” he stated. “I discovered that was things for me. I was attracted to the special training and answering the larger concerns of science.”

His mission for those solutions has taken him on a trip of distinct chances with the globe of marine animal scientific research, consisting of helping the U.S. Navy and also SeaWorld. Recently an additional piece in his life’s challenge formed when he was called to head up study as well as science conservation at the Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

Nollens, 44, currently wishes to make the Laguna Coastline center the center for aquatic creature health and wellness and also study in Southern The golden state.

” It really rounds up everything I have actually been doing,” he said. “I really feel like I’ve educated my entire life to do this.”

While the facility has actually already gone far for itself rescuing as well as rehabilitating countless marine mammals that have stranded along Orange Area’s shoreline, authorities there stated they recognized it was time to do more.

” Dr. Nollens brings a knowledge base as well as background of scientific study that immediately changes the trajectory of PMMC in terms of our capacity to make an effect from a study perspective,” claimed Peter Chag, the facility’s supervisor as well as CEO. “We have actually lengthy desired adding to the wider aquatic animal science and also conservation areas. We now have the chance to do so.”

Established in a red barn along Laguna Canyon Road in 1971 the center has a durable staff of volunteers and contributors as well as has increased its academic outreach to location colleges and also with summer camps for children.

The center is now among a handful of marine creature rescue centers from SeaWorld San Diego to The Marine Mammals Center in Sausalito that collaborate with the National Oceanic and also Atmospheric Administration to share information as well as responses to tough ocean conditions.

It has actually broadened its animal care, medical as well as disentanglement programs and has actually seen success via satellite identifying with its saved pups now being efficient participants of the aquatic animal populace.

Martha Shimano, a longtime contributor to PMMC, claimed she is delighted with the hire as well as believes it will go a lengthy means in attracting extra financial backing for the facility. Simply recently the center was contacted us to aid a number of dolphins and took in two sea lions with innovative cancer.

” PMMC, with any luck with the enhancement of Dr. Nollens, will gain the awareness as well as reputation it so deserves in our area, however also across the country,” she said. “From a fundraising perspective, it gives the organization more trustworthiness as well as standing, which contributors like to see.

” Ideally, his research will lose some light on why there has been an uptick in distressed aquatic mammals,” she included. “As a donor, you need to know there is hopefully a service which the problem will level off to a much more manageable degree.”

Nollens grew up in Belgium and also, as a child, loved animals. He was additionally fascinated, he claimed, with the undersea globe Jacques Cousteau explored in his TELEVISION programs.

So, when Nollens subscribed to examine vet medication, no person was amazed.

When a chance to study a fin whale that cleaned up on a Belgium beach developed, he existed. He signed up with the country’s aquatic animal stranding network, as well.

In New Zealand, along with the study on sperm whales, he studied abalone as well as developed a way to anesthetize the shellfish. He additionally functioned on a job where he counted the jeopardized Hector’s dolphin exclusive to New Zealand.

” The secret, the unknown as well as the charm of aquatic life as well as the ocean attracted me,” he said.

Nollens left New Zealand and headed to the College of Florida where he serviced his Ph.D. in vet medication.

He concentrated on viral skin infections in seals as well as sea lions in rehab facilities. His research study drew the interest of reps from SeaWorld as well as the U.S. Navy, which used to fund his study, consisting of making all their data and clinical backgrounds of their dolphins and also sea lions readily available to him.

” They needed to know if they must be terrified of it, or if it was a passing away infection,” he stated. “They required the info to take far better treatment of their animals.

” With my history as well as their animals, it was a perfect setting,” he stated. “With wild animals, you can not do this.”

In 2010, Nollens ended up being a vet at SeaWorld. There, he relocated to transmittable diseases.

” It came to be an opportunity to learn real marine mammals medicine from the most effective,” he claimed. “There is no far better area to learn that than dealing with the sea lions, dolphins and also whales at SeaWorld.”

4 years later, he became Sea World’s primary vet handling a group of 14 veterinarians across the firm’s four water parks.

In 2018, as PMMC increased its initiatives towards research, Nollens began assisting the center out.

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    ” If you have actually taken treatment of these animals and you have the chance to do even more, you need to do it,” he stated. “There aren’t that many companies and individuals who are accredited by NOAA to do that job.”

    ” I really like what they’re doing,” he claimed.

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