Living Life to the Max: Former City Clerk Max Berg Dies at 90

. . Former San Clemente City Clerk Max Berg dies at 90 Max Berg, a former city of San Clemente city clerk, performs for U.S. troops during World War II on occupied islands near Japan. Photo: Courtesy of the Berg family Max Berg, a former city of San Clemente city clerk, performs for U.S. troops throughout World War II on busy islands near Japan. Image: Courtesy of the Berg family members By Eric Heinz That trademark ear-to-ear smile and a thumbs up remained on Max Berg’s face till the day he died. It’s exactly what many individuals that recognized him said. Max was a 35-year city clerk for San Clemente which died on Sept. 4
from wellness issues. The city called

a park after him, the Max Berg Plaza Park, in 1985. He is endured by his little girls Linda Weigel, Sherry Murphy, Debbie Berg-Swaton and also his son Barry Berg. Many people

which referred to

him said Max was a personality of integrity that embraced many individuals.”He dealt with the world as his phase,” Barry said.”No concern which you were, you

were comparable to any kind of viewers participant and you seemed like that star (Max) was talking directly to you. If you were a seeker or an individual aiming to obtain or an individual monitoring into Electric shaver Lake or a community member, he constantly had that quite interesting identity as well as it was honest.”– Barry Berg,

kid of Max Berg. Berg raiseded in Nebraska yet would at some point be posted at Camp Pendleton in the united state Marine Corps

. Berg was consistently part of theater manufacturings in college and also came to be understood for his humor and also wit. Throughout The second world war, he executed for soldiers on busy Japanese islands. The majority of his act incorporated impressions of remarkable individuals and also witticism. A photo of him from the wartime reveals him doing before hundreds of people in the solution.”Also through bumpy rides, he was merely a really funny person, “Debbie said. In 1946, Max met his wife, Helen, whose family had stayed in San Clemente given that 1935. Although he functioned at Westcoast Theaters as the assistant manager at the Entrance Movie theater in after his military service, he went back to San Clemente in 1948 as well as consequently benefited the city as a reserve cops officer in 1950. In 1956, Max would certainly find his true professional calls. He was elected city clerk in 1956 and also was reappointed 8 successive times for four-year terms.

He retired in 1985. According to details offered by his household, he went to more

than 1,000 City board conferences and also collaborated with 41 different council members as well as seven different mayor. He was understood as” Mr. San Clemente” or”Mr. Information.” “He’s consistently been a people individual and also very detail-oriented,” Sherry stated.”He was an in-depth painter and dressed diligently. “Sherry claimed after she took another

work after helping the city of San Clemente for more than Two Decade, Max was there to stroll her out the doorway one last time. She stated his long life of public service with the city will be a big part

of his heritage. From Individuals That Understood Max Max Berg stands with his grandson, Matt, at Salton Sea, a sportsman catering business he frequented. Photo: Courtesy of the Berg family  Max Berg stands with his grandson, Matt, at Salton Sea, a sportsman event catering company he often visited. Photo: Politeness of the Berg

family Sherry claimed the most significant success of Max’s life was his capability

to have a friendly mindset towards every person– from people who pertained to the clerk’s office to obtain a business license or documents request to canvassing

ballots throughout elections.”He would always be neutral in the political area as well as made people really feel comfortable, “Sherry claimed. Debbie remembered her papa’s humor as a method to associate with individuals in addition to a method to diffuse tense circumstances. She recalled one tale where a

team of women were conference as well as he placed on
a wig as well as females’s clothing in order to attend. Another time when it rained as well as pools had formed near Municipal government, Max went to get a team of plastic ducks and also pretended to search them from the shrubs. Barry Berg

, Max’s boy, also bore in mind the light-hearted nature of his dad, particularly his trademark “thumbs up “to permit every person recognize he was doing alright. In his retired life, Max functioned as a park ranger for 22 years at Camp Edison at Electric shaver Lake in the western Sierra Nevada Mountains

.”He dealt with the globe as his phase,”Barry stated.” Despite who you were, you were as good as any sort of viewers member as well as

you felt like that actor(Max)was chatting directly to you. If you were a hunter or a person monitoring right into Shaver Lake or a community participant, he always had that quite appealing identity as well as it was genuine. “Max was an enthusiastic bird hunter and advocate for wildlife conservation.” He wasn’t just an actor in terms of playing a part; he played himself well, “Barry claimed.”I’ve been assuming concerning just how he treated the world and also how

he engaged individuals, and that was his success.”Lois Divel, a good friend of Max’s, stated she has actually known Max since 1947 with his spouse with whom she went to grammar institution.

Although she claimed she primarily recognized him tangentially, she claimed he was among her favorite people. Jim Dahl, former mayor of San Clemente, additionally spoke volumes

concerning Max.”When I pertained to help the city in 1969, he swore me in, as a city worker, “Dahl stated.” He was a friend of our household’s, and my daddy utilized to go dove searching with him on Reeves Cattle ranch back in the very early 60s. He was a wonderful city clerk as well as a great family friend.”Councilwoman Lori Donchak claimed she met Max later in his life after his tenure as city clerk.”People that are public slaves are held to quite high standards and he passed that bar repeatedly in regards to his payments to the city– being Citizen of the Year, his involvements in education and learning, “Donchak stated. “Everywhere you look, he made a difference in the city

. His proudest accomplishments were in is his family members, and also he has a trademark twinkle in his eye as well as nothing could possibly bring that twinkle brighter compared to when he discussed his household. He was a great shining example. “Susie Smith, a buddy

of Max, stated she had actually known him since about 1970. She claimed Linda, Max’s little girl, baby-sat her children throughout the years. Max Berg (left) stands with then-President Richard Nixon at the Western White House in San Clemente in this undated photo. Photo: Courtesy of the Berg family   Max Berg(left )stands with then-President Richard Nixon at the Western White Home in San Clemente in this undated image. Image: Thanks to the Berg family” I would claim he was a positive pressure in San Clemente

,”Smith stated. “He was always favorable as a city authorities and also individual as well as a close friend to every person

. He loved individuals and emitted love as well as respect for individuals and also I never heard him talk inadequately of anybody.” Smith said she participated in both of his last hallmark birthday celebrations.” I have actually a framed news article of his 85th, which I’ll maintain forever, “Smith stated.”He merely always had a smile and welcomed every person like they were his long-lost friend.”A party of life for Max Berg will certainly be held from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. on Sunday, Oct. 18 at Max Berg Plaza Park, 1100 Calle Puente in San Clemente. For additional information contact!.?.!. In lieu of blossoms, individuals can donate to the San Clemente Historic Culture, or to Desert Wildlife Unlimited, City Clerk, Dana Factor, Fatality, Featured, Max Berg, Max Berg Plaza Park, Orange Region, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano . . . . . Present Concern Inspect out the current problem of the SC Times . . . .

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OCSD: Suspected Bank Robber is From San Clemente

. . Photo2: A man holds up a sign demanding money from a bank teller Thursday morning at a Wells Fargo in Mission Viejo. The suspect is listed by OCSD as a resident of San Clemente. Photo: Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department A man holds up a sign requiring money from a bank teller Thursday early morning at a Wells Fargo in Goal Viejo. The suspect is noted by OCSD as a resident of San Clemente. Photo: Thanks to Orange County Sheriff’s Division By San Clemente Times Raymond Edward Feiner  Photo: Courtesy of Orange County Sheriff's Department Raymond Edward Feiner Picture: Thanks to Orange Region Constable’s Division Orange Region Constable’s Department reported the suspect to

a financial institution break-in Thursday in Goal Viejo is a San Clemente local Deputies apprehended Raymond Edward Feiner, 58, of San Clemente in connection of an attempted break-in at the Wells Fargo, situated at 26151 La Paz Roadway and also possibly the burglary at a Chase Count onCrown Valley Parkway that took

40 mins beforehand. At 10:04 a.m.,

replacements reacted to the scene of the Wells Fargo break-in and quickly found Feiner taking off in a pick-up truck. He was apprehended quickly after that without injury or event, an OCSD press launch mentioned. The Bank Burglary Uneasiness

Group is examining the situation. Feiner was scheduled into Orange County Prison on uncertainty of tried financial institution burglary and his bond is evaluated$50,000. He is scheduled to appear in court on Monday. Apprehension, Bank Robbery, Chase Financial institution, criminal activity, Objective Viejo, OCSD, Orange Region,

San Clemente, Wells Fargo . . . . . Present Concern Look into the current problem of the SC Times . . . . . . . . . . . .

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The VICE Effect


. VICE-hbo-logo . . Being a
follower of documentaries as well as, much more particularly, investigatory journalism, I recently entered the HBO collection called VICE. My passion in the series began with the existing 2015 period, and also episode after episode, I have actually discovered myself captivated with the subjects took on as well as details provided.

Nonetheless, the influence of the program has gone a little bit past simply making me familiar with problems and provoking some vital thought. Recently, and this would certainly be 3 episodes in a row for me currently, I’ve seen the VICE stories revive in the emerging information of the day. After viewing Episode 31: Savior Seeds which narrated the scary company practices of Monsanto, the following day it was revealed that the FDA was compeling the terminate of trans-fats by food manufacturers. This was in addition to General Mills and also 5 other major food companies revealing that they would be removing synthetic flavors as well as colors the foods they refine.

This happened once more after seeing Season 3, Episode 11 School Coverup. After seeing that episode, the L.A. Times reported that UC Berkeley was being taken legal action against for not reacting effectively to sexual assault grievances on its university.

Just last evening I checked out the Season 3, Episode 12 Global Jihad episode, a chronicle of the rising jihad motion within ISIS. Upon reviewing the information today, I saw the account of 64 Egyptian soldiers eliminated in Isis strikes on protection checkpoints.

Obviously, I’m suggesting to an effect of the VICE stories that they merely don’t have. There is no causal partnership in between my seeing a VICE episode and after that the globe events happening around me. The VICE result is simply an enjoyable psychological video game. However, there is an identified sensations called the Baader Meinhof result, which explains how our selective interest works after being subjected to something. Basically, you see something or discover a subject, and after that begin to discover it anywhere– an enjoyable remember game of its very own.

Trulia: O.C. has nation’s fourth least-affordable housing market

Orange Region has the fourth-least budget-friendly housing market for middle-income residence customers among the nation’s 100 biggest cities, according to the realty web site Trulia.

Trulia reported this week that the median-income Orange County property buyer would pay 52.8 percent of his or her regular monthly incomes to acquire the median-priced Orange Region residence.

That consists of the cost of paying the home mortgage, insurance coverage and real estate tax.

When the expense of utilities as well as travelling are included, necessary living expenditures take in 64 percent of the monthly income for those families. Which does not consist of food.

San Francisco, Los Angeles and San Diego were the only local area locations with real estate eating a higher percentage of earnings, Trulia reported.

Trulia reported that a median-income San Francisco property buyer would spend 77 percent of his or her monthly earnings paying housing expenses on the median-priced home there. In L.a County, property buyers would invest 59.6 percent of their earnings on real estate costs, while in San Diego, the percentage of profits invested in housing would be 52.9 percent.

Seven of the 10 least cost effective real estate markets are positioned in The golden state, Trulia figures reveal.

4 city locations located in or near Ohio rated as the nation’s most budget friendly housing markets: Akron, Dayton, Louisville, Ky., as well as Cleveland rated most budget-friendly, with real estate prices eating 16 percent to 18.2 percent of regular monthly income.

Least budget-friendly real estate markets

. San Francisco

. 77.0 %

. 85.5 %

.$1,190,900 .

. L.a

. 59.6 %

. 74.5 %

.$580,000 .

. San Diego

. 52.9 %

. 64.7 %

.$579,000 .

. Orange County

. 52.8 %

. 63.8 %

.$725,000 .

. Miami .

. 69.2 %

.$380,000 .

. San Jose

. 51.9 %

. 61.8 %

.$838,000 .

. Ventura County

. 46.3 %

. 57.0 %

.$649,000 .

. Fairfield Region, Conn

. 46.1 %

. 54.5 %

.$598,000 .

. Oakland .

. 55.9 %

.$599,000 .

. Honolulu .

. 56.2 %

.$590,000 .

Ranking U.S. Local area Pct. spent on real estate Pct. invested on real estate, utilities, and also commuting August Sale price
5 52.3 %
9 45.0 %
10 42.1 %

Most economical housing markets

. Akron, Ohio

. 16.0 %

. 28.9 %

.$120,450 .

. Dayton, Ohio

. 17.6 %

. 30.9 %

.$119,700 .



. 31.1 % .

. 18.2 %

. 32.3 % .


. Little Rock, Ark.

. 18.3 %

. 31.9 %

.$155,000 .

. Toledo, Ohio

. 18.4 % .

.$119,900 .



. 34.8 % .

Kansas City,

. 31.6 % .


. 31.7 % .


. 33.4 % .

Rank U.S. Metro Pct. invested in housing Pct. invested on housing, energies, and also driving to work August Retail price
98 Ky. .

18.2 %
$159,900 .

97 . Cleveland, Ohio $129,900
95 32.3 %
94 Mich. .

18.4 %
$89,900 .

93 . Mo. .

18.5 %
$164,900 .

92 . Kan. .

19.3 %
$150,000 .

91 . Ind. .

19.5 %

$ 169,950 .

Grom of the Week: Bryce Pinkerton

. . “A Fun Day at State Beach” is one of photographer Bryce Pinkerton’s favorite wave shots. Photo: Bryce Pinkerton.” A Fun Day at State Beach”is one of professional photographer Bryce Pinkerton’s favored wave chances. Photo: Bryce Pinkerton. By Andrea Swayne headshot Bryce Pinkerton Bryce Pinkerton, 10, has actually become familiar with investing as much of his leisure time as possible surfing the local breaks. So, when sidelined by and also injury this summer season, he chose to replace his time in the water with time behind the lens.”I cut my leg open and the physician said I can’t go in the water for regarding 3 more

weeks, “Bryce stated.” When the doctor initially informed me, I was bummed out considering that I really want to surf.

I have actually always really wanted

to be a photographer and also(this injury)was a method to remain close to the water”Having currently had some experience with water photography on a GoPro electronic camera, Bryce made a decision to find out how you can run his household’s Nikon video camera and also invested several a summer season day shooting waves as well as surfers.”I such as taking images of waves the most because each of them is distinct and I kind of have a personality that makes me intend to shoot good images of the water, especially barrels, “he claimed.”I such as shooting people also, mainly my good friends and family. “A highlight of his time invested shooting

surfers came during the huge swell last week at The Wedge in Newport Beach. “Robo at The Wedge.” Photo: Bryce Pinkerton “Robo at The Wedge.”Picture: Bryce Pinkerton” I fired from land and I got truly great chances of Robo(John Robertson)obtaining barreled,”Bryce claimed.”And I likewise got some shots of huge empty barrels and a bunch of flares– when a backwash favorites a wave, they collide and the water explodes upward.” Bryce stated that although he cannot wait to obtain back right into the water, not just to surf but

to shoot waves, he is ALRIGHT with being grounded for currently considering that his GoPro 3 is broken. He is intending to get a GoPro 5 soon so that he can remain todeal with his water photography. Another current diversion from the downer of not being permitted to surf is the current start of

the academic year. Bryce is the 4th grade at Clarence Lobo Elementary and also said he is happy to be back at college, as seeing all his friends and also striving at finding out new things helps keep his remember off of not having the ability to paddle out.”Getting good grades is very important as well considering that you require a great education and learning for when you grow up,” Bryce claimed. Dana Point, grom of the week, Orange Region, Digital photography, San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, browse, surfing . . . . Existing Problem Check out the most up to date issue of the SC Times . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Leave your opinion below. Please behave. Your Email address will be kept private. . . . . Related Information . .

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