San Clemente assistant city manager to take over after City Council lets interim contract run out

San Clemente council participants, some unhappy with decisions made, have allow the contract gone out for the acting mayor in area because January.

Recruited by the city when its city supervisor left for a brand-new job, Bob Dunek consented to complete throughout the search for a replacement. But his previous retirement from a 21-year career as Lake Woodland city supervisor, suggested he was limited by the state retired life system’s rules to functioning 960 hrs in one , which finishes June 30.

On Tuesday, June 16, the City Council was established to consider a modification to prolong his agreement one more 960 hrs starting with the new fiscal year on July 1 — which the council had previously consented to– yet instead let his hrs go out.

On Wednesday, Dunek, 68, functioned his staying time before handing city leadership to Erik Sund, San Clemente’s assistant mayor.

Councilmembers Laura Ferguson and Genetics James opposed providing Dunek an extension, sharing worries over current choices made during the coronavirus pandemic closure. Councilmembers Kathy Ward and Chris Hamm stayed away from ballot.

“We require a mayor that has a physical presence,” said Ferguson. “As a result of COVID, he’s been working from residence. There has likewise been decision-making that has not agreed with to the picture of San Clemente.”

Ferguson and James claimed Dunek licensed city team to load the city skatepark with 37 lots of sand, which made national news, and also he can have proactively removed secure fencing around 2 public car park near Pier Bowl where a protest was prepared versus the statewide stay-at-home order. More than 100 went to the rally and 50 replacements in trouble gear were brought in as well as 8 people apprehended.

Dunek said at the time his hands were connected because the council had differed days before whether the city’s beach lots ought to be reopened.

Dunek claimed he had prepared to function for the city for concerning six months, and also due to the coronavirus pandemic he has actually been working 12 to 14 hours virtually daily.

“It’s been 6 months, I rejoice to hand the reins to Erik and also let him run in the interim,” Dunek claimed Wednesday, June 17. “If I’m going to be implicated of overreach to secure the health and wellness as well as security of the neighborhood: Yeah, I did that. I ‘d make the exact same decisions with completion goal in mind.”

Ward protected Dunek and called not using the change to extend his contract “an awful choice.”

“Erik Sund is rather capable, however having just one mayor is not excellent for our city,” she claimed. “Bob Dunek’s years of experience and also his connections in the county, that was an incentive for us. He assisted us with the interstate concern as well as helped us with COVID. What’s not to like concerning that?”

Ward stated Dunek’s functioning from house remained in keeping with what various other city staffer over the age of 65 were doing and also claimed it really did not minimize his capacity to lead city personnel.

“Bob went to all the conferences as well as he was doing what was advised,” she claimed. “Every little thing was obtaining done as well as it was getting done well.”

She additionally safeguarded the use of sand in the skatepark, recognizing that it was not a popular choice among lots of in the area but the city had actually invested 2 weeks having Orange Region Constable Division replacements and state park rangers keep vigil at the skate park to maintain skaters out.

“We checked out and other cities were doing it,” she claimed. “It was an option temporarily as well as it cost us nothing.”

Regarding the fencing concern, Ward said the council deadlocked over whether it was time for all the fence set up at its beaches as well as pier amid concerns over the spread of the coronavirus to come down or simply a few of the secure fencing.

“These 2 council participants battled control away from the mayor by agendizing the product,” she said.

Ferguson keeps Dunek might have removed the fences that were targeted by the announced objection.

“That had not been a legislative choice,” she claimed. “It was a cover because a pair of council people intended to maintain them up. The general public has not enjoyed concerning his decision-making and his action throughout the COVID time.”

In spite of not consenting to expand Dunek’s time, James claimed he appreciated the manager’s deal with the council as well as city.

“He is the consummate gentleman,” he stated. “Only expert and also courteous to the council. We put him right into a hard placement to put him right into a beach neighborhood.”

The city is dealing with Bob Murray & & Associates on the search for a long-term mayor.

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